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Alcosm Vouchers for Singapore in July 2022

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Alcosm Singapore

Alcosm is a brand of disinfectant wet wipes specialising in getting rid of bacteria and viruses up to 99.99% and has been recognised as Southeast Asia's first brand to introduce alcohol disinfecting wet wipes. They are very well known and trusted in our fight against germs for better hygiene and safety for ourselves and loved ones. We live in a world where you are exposed to bacteria, germs and also viruses constantly, Alcosm wants to be your aid in your daily life and help you disinfect your surroundings with a better and trustworthy quality you can get in the market right now especially at such affordable prices. Prevention against bacterias and germs should not kill your bank account in the process.

Hygiene should and always be every individual's priority and with Alcosm in your pockets or bags, it is made even easier for you to practice better hygiene on yourself and on your surrounding. You are not only exposed to harmful bacterias, germs and viruses outside of the comfort of your home as it can happen as easily if you do not practice daily cleaning the right way. Bacterias, germs and viruses take merely a few seconds to latch on to you and that is why everyone should always have Alicosm's disinfectant wet wipes in hand for whenever you need to wipe a surface or simply give your hands a fresh quick clean.

Trust Alcosm SG

With many competitors why should you trust Alcosm? Simply because their wipes have a content of 75% alcohol which will disinfect and clean any surface much better. Alcosm is also FDA certified and abides every formula based guideline of World Health Organisation. You can use Alcosm's wet wipes on anything you can think off such as the seat on a bus before you sit on it, the handrail, your work desk, chairs and table surfaces whenever you are dining outside of your home, the playground before your kids put their hands on them and more. It is always safer and better for you to disinfect what you can wherever you are to limit bacteria, germs and virus harm to yourselves and your loved ones.

Alcosm disinfectant wet wipes are available in pocket-sized of 10 sheets per pack and slightly bigger pouches that carry 50 sheets of wipes. You can carry their pocket-sized version on you every day when you are on the go and leave the bigger pouches for home use and even on your office desk. Alcosm has partnered with the best manufacturer in Asia to provide its consumers with only the best and safest quality there is on the market and yet remain very affordable for the general mass to be able to buy and keep themselves extra safe daily.

It is never too late to start being more responsible not only to yourself but for people around you when it comes to your health and hygiene as it affects everyone. When you are sick and you touch things around you, you are transferring bacteria and germs to the next person who touches it and vice versa, that is why everyone should bring it upon themselves to practise better hygiene right away.

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Last Update: 02.07.2022