Charity nominees

Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore

Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore (CPAS), established since 1957, is dedicated to serving children and adults with cerebral palsy (CP) and multiple disabilities. Our vision is to empower all persons with cerebral palsy to realise their full potential and lead fulfilled, dignified lives. We cater fully-integrated programmes and services to meet the developmental needs of a person with CP.


Pertapis runs welfare homes for needy and neglected children, youth and senior citizens. It helps 450 poor families with food assistance. 'Education is the passport for brighter future', thus running childcare centres are part of its services. Pertapis also helps ex-offenders to reintegrate back to society through rehabilitation and therapeutic programmes.

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

SPCA Singapore promotes kindness and prevents cruelty to animals through education, advocacy and action.

Their services include: Animal cruelty and welfare investigations, 24-hour emergency animal rescue, A shelter for stray, abandoned and unwanted pets, Veterinary care and spay/neuter surgeries for community animals, Education seminars and workshops, Providing volunteer opportunities for corporate and community engagement, Advocacy for animals in the entertainment, fashion, food and laboratory industries.

Netherlands Charity Association

NCA raises money in the expat community in Singapore, to donate to carefully selected Singaporean charities like HOME and Breadline Group. We bridge the gap between these charities who find it difficult to keep up with the ever changing international community, and the expats who want to give back, but don't always know how. Vote for NCA and give back to SIngapore.

Animal Concerns, Research & Education Society

ACRES is a charity and Institution of Public Character, with the aim of advocating for an end to animal cruelty in Asia.

We have six focus areas: Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation, Tackling Wildlife Crime, Addressing Zoo Animal Welfare, Humane Education, Community Outreach and Promoting Cruelty-Free Living.

Association of Muslim Professionals

Established on 10 October 1991, the Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) in Singapore runs programmes in educational enrichment, work skills training, family and economic empowerment, and research for the development of the Malay/Muslim community in Singapore. AMP depends on generous contributions from the public to assist the underprivileged in the community.


The NKF was inaugurated on 7 April 1969 (World Health Day) to render services to kidney failure patients, encourage and promote renal research, as well as carrying out public education programmes on kidney diseases. Today, NKF supports 90% of the nation's needy kidney patients, with 60% paying $50 or less a month.

Singapore Kindness Movement

The Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) is a non-profit organization that executes public education programs aimed at cultivating kindness and graciousness in Singapore. Your gift and support enables us to implement our projects to spread the kindness message for a gracious caring society effectively. We look forward to your continued support.

Singapore Red Cross

Singapore Red Cross serves the vulnerable through our blood donor recruitment programme, home and day activity centre for the disabled, transport aid, food aid, and community first aid. We build capacity and resilience through our training academy, and volunteer and youth development. For more information, visit

Metropolitan YMCA

We nurture children, develop youth for social responsibility and engage in meaningful causes. Heavily dependent on volunteers who would pack food rations for the poor, clean homes for the disadvantaged or mentor youths, we also appreciate generous donors to support our various community outreach programmes. For more information, visit

Earth Hour

During parts of 2015, the average daily emissions from the forest fires in Indonesia were higher than emissions from the whole of the US. To #changeclimatechange, we need to shine a light on forests. Celebrate Earth Hour everyday and help us plant a tree. The more you vote, the more trees we can plant.