Travel Blogger Award 2017 nominees

Daniel and Gina

An adventurous couple with a passion for exploring the less beaten paths of the world.

ZhiQiang and TingYi

Passportchop is a blog about awesome traveling adventures across the world.

Jaclyn Seah

Jaclynn Seah is The Occasional Traveller, a Singaporean who wants to inspire working professionals to travel more even with their busy schedules. She started the blog in 2010 as a reminder not to be too bogged down by work and hope her stories can help you plan your own adventures!

Bino Chua

Bino is a part-time wanderer based in Singapore. His travel blog is a reflection of his diverse interests. He can be seen crossing the India-Pakistan border by foot one moment and checking out the business class cabins of various airlines the next. He also provides guides to destinations ranging from North Korea to New Zealand, recommendations on the best hotels and tips on how to make the most out of one's travels.

Nellie Huang

Nellie Huang is a Singaporean-born professional travel writer who runs the popular adventure travel blog, WildJunket. She has a special interest in unconventional destinations (from Antarctica to Zimbabe) and unusual experiences all around the world. In the past decade of travels, she's been to over 110 countries on all seven continents.