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BaseLang offers unlimited one-on-one online Spanish lessons with native speakers, using a membership model for immersive learning experiences tailored to your pace and style.

BaseLang Unlimited Spanish Classes starting from $179/mo (Professional one-on-one and online classes)

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BaseLang Real World Spanish Program starting from $179/mo (Unlimited Online Classes)

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BaseLang Grammarless Spanish Course starting from $179/mo (Zero to Conversational Fast)

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Unlimited Spanish Lessons

BaseLang offers truly unlimited 1-on-1 Spanish classes, providing an immersive experience without having to travel abroad.

Native Latin American Teachers

Pick from over 450 native teachers across Latin America, all part of the BaseLang team, guaranteeing quality and consistency in teaching.

Flexible Scheduling

Classes can be booked last minute or up to five days in advance, fitting seamlessly into even the busiest schedules, available from 6 am to midnight EST daily.

Curated Learning Content

BaseLang's curriculum is designed to cut out the unnecessary fluff, helping students become conversational in Spanish quickly through a tailored learning pathway.

Trial for Just $1

Experience the full offering with a one-week trial of any BaseLang program for just $1, providing an affordable entry-point to test the service.


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