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Posted 28-10-2020
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HungryGoWhere Singapore

Singapore is a city whose diners are adventurous to a fault, often leading to the spawning of all kinds of niche pop-ups and fleeting trends that are often widely displayed all over Instagram. Beyond the gimmicks, though, these up and coming restaurants focus on ingredients and craft, whether it’s hand-rolled and shaped pasta or fiery clay-pot cooking.  Embark on the ultimate culinary journey and immerse yourself in Singapore’s vibrant dining scene with its seducing variety of cuisines served within stunning settings, making the city one of the most enticing culinary destinations in the world!

On this food-obsessed island, a good restaurant is more often than not found lurking around the corner or sometimes in plain sight, leading you to think that having one meal too many will somehow be worth it. It may be a classic Chinese spot, or an establishment bearing or worthy of a Michelin-Star, a swanky hotel lounge, or even a trendy tapas bar. And dollar signs don't equal quality: You can have a Michelin-starred plate of chicken rice for less than SGD5. It doesn't help that any Singaporean you ask will have a slew of restaurants to recommend, making the fear of missing out on the city’s best meals very real. Embark on the ultimate culinary journey and immerse yourself in Singapore’s vibrant dining scene with its seducing variety of cuisines served within stunning settings, making the city one of the most enticing culinary destinations in the world

Restaurants In Singapore You Need To Try Now

  1. Ah Hoi’s Kitchen

    Ah Hoi Blog.png

    Looking and craving for crabs? Ah Hoi’s Kitchen is lousy with them, pun intended! Besides crabs, you can also indulge in the restaurant’s a-la-carte buffet on Fridays and Saturdays where the menu is headlined by their signature dishes; Salted Egg Baby Lobster with Curry Leaves & Bird’s Eye Chilli, Steamed Sea Perch with Crispy Bean Crumb, and Claypot Mee Tai Bak with Seafood. If you think these dishes are not enough to satiate your gastronomical listings, you also have the option of adding on their signature Sri Lankan Crabs that are often raved about by fellow foodies! While this place isn’t necessarily the one if all you’re looking for is a very quiet place to sit down and tuck into a meal, you can be sure that it makes a great spot if you’re catching up with family and friends. Should the menu be too much of a test for your decision-making skills, most patrons have remarked that their crab dishes are amazing and fail-safe!

    Book the A la Carte Buffet from SGD48++ Per Person via HungryGoWhere here

    Ah Hoi Trip_OVER.png
  2. Beast & Butterflies

    Beast & Butterflies Blog.png

    A restaurant with its unique interior coupled with their menu would definitely make you think that this establishment flies like a butterfly but stings like a beast. With its decor and interiors designed by iconic French architect and designing genius Philippe Starck, you can tell you’re going to have a good time as Beast & Butterflies provides the optimal setting for your Instagram curations!

    There seem to be many things going on here, but the saying ‘Less is more’ doesn’t apply here as we can all appreciate their deals and promotions which are exclusive to certain days of the week. With Beast & Butterflies, you skip sighing about Mondays and look forward to their Super Monday deals and even Super Tuesdays to kickstart your week. Inject fun into your Mondays with their 1-for-1 cocktail deals for their Super Mondays and bring a friend for Super Tuesdays to enjoy their 1-for-1 main courses. If you think it could not get any better, there’s also the opportunity to savour oysters for only a dollar on Fridays and yes, for only SGD1! The constant flow of these awesome deals makes it the prime location for social (but responsible) gatherings which is also reflected by the restaurant’s location, in the M Social Hotel Singapore.

    Book your table for Weekdays Specials at Beast & Butterflies starting from SGD1 via HungryGoWhere here

    Beast Butterflies Trip_OVER.png

  3. Restaurant Beurre

    Beurre Blog.png

    Beurre prides itself as innovative French cuisine, where its interior is contemporary yet simple and of minimalist chic which sets the tone for a casual fine dining. Upon arriving, you would think that this restaurant is a humble establishment with their homely shopfront facade but step inside and you will see chefs working their magic in their open kitchen.

    From the head chef’s fascination with butter and even the name of the restaurant itself is enough to make you be on your toes on how potentially deadly their menu can be to your arteries. Don’t let this fact trick you into thinking that their offerings are just going to be some buttery and goopy mess as the restaurant takes their passion for butter and weave magic into their dishes. If you’re not exactly sure where to begin in your gastronomic journey within Beurre, their steaks are usually a good place to start. With their show-stopping butter-aged steaks which were sinfully slathered with butter and left to age for 10 days before making its way to be grilled on a binchotan. This ensures that no matter the meat you will always get the most divine and decadent meaty flavours. 

    Reserve your table for the Restaurant Beurre 3-Course Dinner from only SGD38 per person via HungryGoWhere here

      Beurre trip.png

  4. Golden Peony

    Golden Peony Blog.png

    The highly-acclaimed Golden Peony is helmed by executive Chinese Chef Ku Keung. With almost 20 years of professional culinary experience, mostly with numerous international hotel chains and fine restaurants in Hong Kong, Chef Ku Keung’s tenure includes being the assistant chef with the Shangri-la group in Singapore and Malaysia, Rasa Sentosa Singapore as well as the famed Legend Hotel Malaysia as an Executive Chinese Chef for eight years. He joined Conrad Centennial Singapore in 2005.

    Executive Chinese Chef Ku Keung brought together an established team of Hong Kong culinary experts to meticulously craft a menu with only the best ingredients taking the spotlight in every course. Patrons at the restaurant can look forward to indulging in eclectic and unorthodox yet impeccably refined Chinese culinary conceptions. Golden Peony also harbours an extensive and expansive wine list, hand-selected to synergize with Cantonese cuisine. The overall vibe of opulence is easily mistaken for an intimate restaurant but once you are seated, you can indeed feel the homely atmosphere which makes Golden Peony a wonderful place to host family gatherings or other social events.

    Book your table to experience the Autumn Set Menu from SGD78 per person at Golden Peony via HungryGoWhere hereGolden Peony Trip_OVER.png

  5. Oscar’s

    Oscars Blog.png

    Oscar’s restaurant is tucked away in the Conrad Centennial Singapore Hotel, serving a wide range of breakfast food, lunch, dinner and of course, free-flow Sunday Brunch. While Oscar’s is one of the lesser-known hotel buffets in Singapore, they are conveniently a stone’s throw away from Suntec, Marina Bay, and the business district. 

    One quick lookup of Oscar’s will yield search results mostly comprising images of seafood spreads with Alaskan king crab legs, oysters, and juicy prawns popping out here and there. While you can expect a fresh bounty of seafood, the restaurant also offers a delightful mix of Asian and International cuisines and who doesn’t love a good buffet especially when you throw in alcohol into the mix. With a supplementary charge, you can enhance your Sunday Brunch to include free-flow champagne, sparkling rosé wine, Gin & Tonic, beer, and soft drinks!

    Experience Oscar’s Special Sunday Brunch Buffet from only SGD98 via HungryGoWhere at here

    Oscars trip.png
  6. The Landing Point

    The Landing Point Blog.png

    Live the tai-tai lifestyle when you sit down for The Landing Point’s Afternoon Tea, located within The Fullerton Bay Hotel. The Landing Point makes a great spot to relax and unwind with panoramic views of Marina Bay while savouring a mix of sweet savoury treats in those fancy 3-tiered stands with a pot of tea of your choice. 

    If you’re lucky enough, you might still catch the limited-time Best of Both Worlds Afternoon Tea, personally overseen by Masterchef Australia and Singapore judge and celebrity chef, Audra Morrice. Growing up in Singapore before refining her skills in Australia, Chef Audra infuses her tastes and unique culinary perspective in the afternoon tea set by intertwining Singaporean and Australian cuisines. WItness the sensorial fusion of East and West when you indulge in the likes of Pai Tee and shredded Singapore Chilli Crab housed in a crispy golden bun, Beef Rendang Pot Pie, and Pandan Lamington.

    Make your Afternoon Tea reservation at The Landing Point via HungryGoWhere here

    Landing Point Trip_OVER.png
  7. Lawry’s The Prime Rib Singapore

    Lawrys Blog.png

    Known for their exceptional prime ribs and peerless care and service, the multi-awarded Lawry’s at the Mandarin Gallery is one of the top destinations for fellow steak and meat lovers in Singapore.

    Your choice meat will be carved right by your tableside, with the friendly staff explaining the cuts which add an element of personal interaction. Like any other roast, your delicious cuts are accompanied by their Idaho mashed potatoes and other sides. You also have the option of supplementing your dish with additional sides from their Silver Wagon such as creamed spinach, creamed corn, buttered peas or the Silverside Trio, which is a mix of everything, perfect if being decisive isn’t your forte! Their comfort-food Idaho russet potatoes are also deserving of accolades and songs of praise, being whipped in milk and butter to achieve that smooth creamy consistency.

    Accompanying the rib roasts are Lawry’s signature Yorkshire pudding, a crisp yet fluffy bread you can use to soak up all the juices. Specially baked in individual copper skillets, the pudding complements that additional sides you’re getting. Level up the flavours with some whipped cream horseradish, a blend of whipped cream and some biting grated fresh horseradish.

    Lawry’s has also launched an exclusive 5-course set menu with Maker’s Mark Whisky, the premium handcrafted bourbon whisky from Kentucky. This specially curated menu is available till the end of October 2020.

    Place your reservation for the Lawry’s The Prime Rib Maker's Mark 5-Course Set Menu SGD119 per person here

    Lawrys Trip_OVER.png
  8. Riviera Forlino

    Riviera Blog.pngRiviera Blog (1).png

    Sitting elegantly on the second floor of One Fullerton, with breath-taking views of the Marina Bay waterfront, Riviera Forlino continues to be one of Singapore’s popular destinations for contemporary Mediterranean cuisine. Headed by Chef Rémy Carmignani, the restaurant is a spectacular choice when it comes to celebrating major life events, exchanging vows, and other occasions worthy of a blowout meal.

    Like a river runs, Forlino has evolved throughout the years and going through many chapters with the restaurant’s name itself going through the biggest change. While the name ‘Forlino’ is unmistakably Italian, the addition of ‘Riviera’ to its name would then signify its steering into the direction of French and Mediterranean coasts. This symbolism stems from the chefs’ colourful and proliferous backgrounds with Chef Rémy hailing from his previous tenure as Sous Chef at the three Michelin-starred kitchens of Guy Savoy in both Paris and Singapore, Chef de Cuisine in Quisine by Guy Savoy in Doha, experience at the five-star palace-hotel La Mamounia in Marrakesh. As for Chef Nicholas’ star-studded credentials, hailing from the Michelin-starred and opulent Relais & Châteaux restaurants across France, London’s famous and iconic Sketch, and Singapore’s very own Odette.

    Moving on to Riviera Forlino’s immaculate gastronomic conceptions, the handmade tortellini is a particular favourite amongst guests where it is arguably the restaurant’s pièce de résistance. With each mouthful, the silky rings pave the way to a robust pop of Mediterranean flavours, and filled with slow-cooked Tangian-style lamb shoulder – a craft Chef Rémy perfected during his time in Marrakech where it’s typically prepared with a blend of saffron, spices, and preserved lemons in a clay pot over a bed of searing ashes in a hammam (thermal bath). With this technique, Chef Rémy adds a little touch of his Franco-Italian heritage by accompanying the delicate morsels with saffron, goat’s cream cheese, mustard seeds, and a classic French-style light broth.

    Experience a 2-Course Lunch at Riviera Forlino from only SGD48 when you book via HungryGoWhere here

    For the 4-Course Plated Dessert Flight from SGD68, make your reservation here

    Riviera Forlino trip.png
  9. Wan He Lou

    Wan He Lou Blog.png

    Ask any seasoned foodie or food blogger about Wan He Lou, and they will immediately sing about the restaurant’s signature Lobster Porridge you can almost consider it to be famous amongst patrons of Wan He Lou. Located in a shophouse in Maude Road, Wan He Lou is spearheaded by Chef Lau Siaw Dee, who previously won an award at an international culinary event which happened to coincide with the Beijing Olympics. With bright interiors, sufficient breathing space between the humble wood furnishings, you know you’re in for a good time with only the best and authentic Chinese cuisine there is. There seems to be a trend in all the comments from foodies, Instagrammers, food critics and others when it comes to Wan He Lou which mostly comprises of how delectable and amazing the soup base that acts as the foundation of their crowd-favourite Lobster Porridge. 

    If you happen to be a SingTel user, Wan He Lou is currently running a promotion going on where postpaid users can get a 1-for-1 5-Course Epicurean Feast and yes, nestled somewhere in the 5 courses is the Signature Lobster Porridge. 

    Book Ah Hoi’s 5-Course Epicurean Feast via HungryGoWhere here

    Wan He Lou trip.png


Reserve, Ready, Set, Food Coma!

With many restaurants gearing up and entering a new era of dining during this pandemic, you can find more and more options available every day in Singapore. Your fears can be allayed thanks to the efficient system in place to ensure everyone’s safety including both staff and diners. Plus, with international travel currently off the table, what else is there than to eat?


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