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CatchThatBus Singapore

Traveling by bus has never been this easy. Whether it's taking a bus from Singapore to KL or a last minute booking of a bus ticket online, CatchThatBus offers pretty much that. CatchThatBus is available in Malaysia and Singapore, since travelling by the route of public transport can be challenging at times-- CatchThatBus Singapore wants to be the number one bus transportation service.

How does it work? For example, if you are looking to book a bus to KL from Singapore, select your booking point, select it as a one-way trip or a return ticket as well. The names of the buses that are available will be stated, Then you key in your drop off point, and finally key in your details such as name, I.C etc. Confirm it and pay--it's that simple.

Other than purchasing an online bus ticket you, if you've missed your window of opportunity in getting on a last minute bus, you can always check the schedule on the next bus or busses with CatchThatBus.

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Traveling by bus is pretty savvy and cheap as well. But sometimes, for example, we'd love to from a bus Singapore to KL (Singapore to Malaysia bus) via chartered coach, that being said traveling via charter bus (Singapore or Malaysia) is expensive. Save on your traveling cost with these promo codes.

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It's really convenient to book everything at the palm of your hands. Download CatchThatBus bus app, and get mobile app exclusive promo codes.

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An example of a promotion is, when you book an online booking bus ticket to and from Kuala Lumpur you can get up to 10% off with their promo code. Look out for these promotions.

Top destinations

Top destinations are destinations favoured by most user on CatchThatBus Singapore. Whether it's a bus to Malaysia , Kuala Lumpur to Singapore bus and all of the popular destinations among Singaporeans and Malaysians are all listed.

To name a few options are bus to Malaysia from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur to Terengganu plus more. If you're not sure on the kind of bus to take you can always look it up from the top destinations.

Bus operators

Be it an express bus or a charter bus there are several bus operators that are available. To name a few, you can get Startmart Express bus online booking, Transnasional online booking, Untiti Express and more.

Stay In Touch

Stay in touch with CatchThatBus Singapore via Facebook, Instagram and etc.

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