12.12 Online Fever

12.12 Online Fever

Temperatures are rising as we get ourselves ready for Saleduck's 12.12 Online Fever! Quite possibly the most important date of the year, the 12th of December is widely regarded by many online retailers as International Online Shopping Day and in conjunction with this, customers get the pleasure of being spoiled with sales events and massive discounts that promise savings of up to 90% off!

Online Shopping Singapore and Around Asia

The concept draws inspiration from the US' Cyber Monday and China's National e-Commerce Day on 11.11 (also commonly known as Singles' Day) and is hugely anticipated by both online retailers and shoppers across Southeast Asia. You can expect to see killer offers by some of our top online retailers across a plethora of shopping categories. We're talking unbeatable deals on fashion, beauty, electronics, travel, hotels and the list goes on!

In Indonesia, 12.12 is referred to as Harbolnas and was first launched in 2012 featuring seven of the nations biggest e-commerce players. Here in Singapore, 12.12 is given much fanfare, especially by our online-savvy shopaholics, some of our most popular 12.12 online sales include :

  • The Lazada Online Revolution - an infamous storewide sale that sees the online retail giant spoiling its shoppers with savings of up to 95% across all product categories!

  • Zalora 12.12 Online Fever - Asia's premier online fashion portal isn't one to miss out on the fun. Touted as their biggest sale of the year, Zalora's 2015 Online Fever saw discounts of up to 80% off men's and women's fashion.

Save on 12.12 with Saleduck

We're all about connecting shoppers to the latest and greatest deals and discounts that inhibit the world of online retail, which means that we're upping our game by working even more closely with our partners to bring you the best 12/12 deals around.

Here are some of the things you can expect from us:

  • Exclusive Coupons We're going to be teaming up some of Singapore's top retail websites to bring you Saleduck-exclusive coupons on top of the ongoing deals that you'll be able to access from our webshops.

  • Daily Updates Never miss out on a deal. Our couponing ninjas will be updating our site with deals, voucher codes and promotions across all of our product categories and webshops on a daily basis. This means that you'll have access to all the freshest 12/12 deals from your favourite retailers without having to navigate away from Saleduck.

  • Coupons that Work! We're shoppers too so we know how frustrating it can be to stumble across a great coupon only to find out that it can't be used. Because of this, we do everything we can to make sure that the words "Saleduck" and "invalid coupon" don't exist in the same sentence. All of our coupons are tried, tested and 100% verified by us to make sure that our users don't get any nasty surprises.

  • The Most Exciting Deals Sent Right to Your Inbox With so many promotions going on and sales coming at you from every corner, there's going to be a chance that you might wind up missing out on some pretty sweet offers so why not be become part of Saleduck's mailing list to receive our 12/12 newsletter? You'll get first dibs on exclusive codes, last-minute deals, offers and so much more!

Tips on Scoring the Best Deals

To make sure that you're prepped and ready to shop 12/12 like a seasoned pro, here are some handy tips that you can use to make sure that you score the best deals out there and emerge triumphant.

  • Get a Head Start on Tracking Deals Retailers will often release sneak peeks of their deals and sales events ahead of time. Use these previews as a means to pinpoint the items you want, bookmark the pages and when 12/12 strikes, you'll be ready to hit that checkout button the minute the deals go live,

  • Compare Merchants and Prices For items that you know you want, do a quick price comparison from several merchants about a week ahead so that you know how much you stand to save from each one. Also take the time to look at shipping policies so that you have a clearer idea of how much you'll be paying in total.

  • Keep Track of Sales Using Deal Sites Instead of running a Google search for promo codes for each of the sites you visit, a reliable deals website will allow you to access all the latest deals from your favourite retailers without having to switch between tabs and lose your chill in the process.

  • Learn the Art of Code Stacking Code stacking essentially means using multiple codes within a single checkout or applying promo codes to a sale item. Not all websites offer this policy but the ones that do are your golden ticket to saving big. Identify them ahead of time.

  • Sign up for Newsletters If you haven't already, sign up for the newsletters of the stores that you're planning to shop from a couple of weeks leading up to 12/12. This is a good way to stay up-to-date on the latest promos and coupons as well as get first dibs on any subscriber-exclusive promos.

  • Follow Retailers on Social Media Most retailers use their social media accounts as a platform to announce and share their latest promotions, events, discounts, giveaways and etc. Following them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram allows you an additional layer of insight into their latest happenings to make sure that you won't miss out on a golden opportunity.

  • Identify What is Worth Spending Money On With so much going on around you and attractive discounts beckoning from every corner, it's easy to get caught up in the moment and wind up with random purchases you won't really have much use for. Here are some of the best items to shop for during 12/12:

1) Home Appliances

We tend to not spend tons of money on home appliances due to their generally high price points which means that even when we're in dire need of replacing our washing machine, we tend to put it off until we find something that won't burn a hole in our pocket. 12/12 is a pretty good time to score decent deals off home appliances and you're bound to find some great ones off sites like Lazada, RedMart and Courts.

2) Electronics

Cameras, smartphones, laptops, powerbanks and etc. Electronics are an eternally popular category throughout the year and the momentum definitely picks up during 12/12. Remember to visit sites such as GearBest, Amazon and Expansys .

3) Travel

Airfares, bus tickets, hotel rentals and more. Travel and hotel websites love taking advantage of 12/12 to move their sales and shoppers benefit from this is the form of deeply discounted travel and accommodation deals. Check out Expedia, AirAsia, Agoda and HomeAway for some jet-setting promos.

4) Fashion & Beauty

Whether you're revamping your wardrobe for the year ahead or on the lookout for Christmas gifts, fashion and beauty never goes out of style and you're guaranteed to be able to get some unbeatable bargains from Zalora, Althea, Sephora and Reebonz.

Have a 12/12 Merry Christmas

One of the best things about 12/12 is that it hits just as we're gearing up for our annual Christmas shopping spree. From decorations that'll give your home a much-needed dose of festive flair to present hunting for your loved ones, this is the perfect time to get a head start on your holiday shopping while taking advantage of all the available discounts. And the best part is that you get to do this all from the comforts of your own home. Check out our handy pointers that'll have you cruising through the Christmas checkouts, stress-free!

See them below:

  • Check Delivery Dates Before you add anything to your shopping cart, be sure to check that the item will be delivered to you in time for Christmas. Check the company's estimated delivery time and if it's within reason, be sure to check up on your parcel's status regularly to ensure that it's on the way.

  • Shop Local This essentially means that delivery time is much shorter (usually within 1 to 3 business days) and is a sure fire way in ensuring that your parcel will reach you on time. Especially during busy Christmas months. On top of that, shopping local means that you avoid having to fork out additional money for any import duties or taxes.

  • Heads up for Free Shipping Some websites offer free shipping regardless of cart size whereas some require that you spend above a certain amount within a single receipt to qualify. In the case of the latter, try to shop from a site that lets you cross several items off your list to cut down on time and shipping costs.

  • Make a List (and Check it Twice!) Santa's a fan of them so why shouldn't you be? Its going to be a busy couple of weeks in between figuring out Christmas gift ideas, shopping, menu planning and on top of that, trying to score the all the discounts floating around courtesy of 12/12. to make sure that you don't get overwhelmed and miss out on anything important, makes lists on the things that you need to help you keep track of everything you need to do before the 25th hits.