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Circles.Life Singapore

A mobile network in Singapore, this one of a kind telco network lets you build your own mobile network plan and basically you pay for service you only need. It's built on this system called the MVNO.MVNO stands for Mobile Virtual Network Operator is a term used for independent network operators. No companies own them, and no one puts a price on their service. So what else does Circles.Life offer? Besides letting you decide on the kind of data you need and can use, Circles.Life gives out free enhancement of your current mobile plan, plus you can also create a plan with a phone.

How does someone create a plan with Circles. Life? First, is to log on to and you'll need to register. Once registration is done, you can then proceed with picking out the plan you're interested in. There are several plans online, one being the "no-contract plan", "unlimited bonus data", "porting" and "devices". Plan out on what you really want, when you're down deciding you can then pick out the plan, and proceed with payment. Pretty simple, right? Well, that's the simplicity of getting a plan through Circles.Life.

Packages on Circles.Life

Almost all of their telco service are priced at $28 per month. On Circles.Life you get offers such as, Unlimited Bonus Data. You can get up to 50GB for free once you've signed up with Circles.Life Singapore has all the information you need before signing up an account. Whenever Circles.Life throws and awesome discount codes, offers or package we'll make sure that we have them listed on our site here on Below we've listed some of the categories available in order for you to get the best deals from Circles.Life.

Save more with Circles.Life

No Contract plan>> You'll not have to be tied up with a long contract plan. If you're really interested in getting a plan on Circles.Life, all you have to do is Get Started with the Base Plan. The Price is only for $28.

Unlimited Bonus Data>> Love getting free data? Well, check go ahead and check out the unlimited bonus plan. The unlimited bonus plan, enables you to get over 50GB for free on Circles.Life.

Devices>> Sign up a contract with Circles.Life for your favorite device. They have a ton of brands ranging from Apple to Android.

Promo codes>> Also known as a coupon code, voucher you can quite a number of offers. For example, you can enjoy 1GB worth of internet for free on selected codes.

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