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Sapling promo code is an AI-powered writing assistant that helps you write better by providing grammar checks, autocomplete suggestions, and language analytics tools.

Sapling Productivity Boost: Autocomplete Everywhere™ (20% off)

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Sapling Efficiency Gain: Sapling Suggest™ (15% off)

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Sapling Quality Assurance: Language Quality Improvement (Starting from $30/month)

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Accelerate Customer Responses

Sapling Suggest™ enables agents to respond to customer queries with urgency by providing relevant, real-time response suggestions, enhancing efficiency and throughput.

Enhanced Language Quality

With advanced machine learning, Sapling outperforms other checkers by catching 60% more errors, ensuring communications are clear, professional, and mistake-free.

Insightful Data Analytics

Sapling offers conversational insights and quality scoring, allowing businesses to extract meaningful data and improve customer service strategies effectively.

Omnichannel Support Excellence

Seamless integration with multiple platforms including ServiceNow, Salesforce, Zendesk, and social media ensures consistent support across all customer communication channels.

Robust Enterprise Security

Sapling provides enterprise-grade security with TLS and AES-256 encryption, advanced access options like SSO and MFA, and options for PII redaction, catering to stringent compliance requirements.


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