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YoYo Chinese is an online platform offering structured Mandarin Chinese language courses with engaging video lessons and interactive exercises for learners at various levels.

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Structured Learning Path

Yoyo Chinese offers a clearly structured curriculum with a guided study schedule, ensuring learners know exactly what to do next and eliminating the feeling of being lost in the complexity of learning Chinese.

Comprehensive Course Content

With over 1,000 lesson videos across 6+ comprehensive courses, students can journey from complete beginners to proficient in reading and speaking Chinese, all on one platform.

Guaranteed Progress

Yoyo Chinese commits to real progress with just 30 minutes of daily study, leveraging a decade of expert-designed instruction that addresses common challenges faced by Chinese learners.

Immersive Learning Tools

The platform includes over 15,000 vocab flashcards, 10,000 quiz questions, and additional resources that ensure the Chinese language knowledge students gain is retained effectively.

Real-world Application

Unique features such as street interviews provide learners with immediate exposure to authentic, everyday Chinese, significantly enhancing practical understanding and usage.


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