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Accessorize is a popular fashion accessory brand offering a selection of trendy and stylish accessories for women in Singapore. Shop online for bags, jewelry, hats, and more.

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What is Accessorize? A UK based online store it features clothing, accessories, bags, shoes and etc. Founded in 1983, it now has over 1000 stores (outlets) around the world. It's sister brand called was established around the same time. The founder Peter Simon establish the fashion group called Monsoon Accessorize.

The designs and construction of the fashionable pieces you see on are all exclusive. That being said, Accessorize has always promoted craftsmanship and creativity in the most ethical possible way. If you notice their designs, it has distinctive designs from Asia, and with that Accessorize has provided jobs around Asia.

Accessorize is now available online, plus you can order from almost any part of the world and it'll be shipped to you. All you shopaholics have to do is log on to to check out all the items that are available. It's available to order for those who are living in parts of Asia, and of course Singapore.

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  • Get yourself the Accessorize Reward card and get up to 20% off on your products online. It's as easy as signing up for one online, just key in your name e-mail address and you're good to go.

  • Check out their "sale" tab for exclusive sale items.

Bags & Purses

If you're looking for a great bag or purse check out Accessorize. It features designs that are close to the roots of India. You'll not regret it and plus the prices are reasonable.

They have everything from day bags, rucksacks to leather bags and purses.


Since you've been working out for that bikini ready body, check out the Beach tab for everything fashionable you need at a beach.

They have bikinis, swimsuits and their ever famous Monsoon brand pieces up for grabs.

Jewelry and Accessories

Who does not like jewelry? Have a look at their earrings, bangles, rings and so many more via their jewelry tab.

They're both unique and elegant and like nothing you've had before. If you're looking for scarves, hats, gloves and etc do check out the accessories tab.


Looking for a pair of stylish boots, flip flops or perhaps sandals? Have a look at their shoe section online and you'll fall head over heals for them.


Looking to glam up for an event or party? Check out the many options like hair accessories, earrings, bangles that are all party themed.


That's right, Accessorize also has a category for kids. Turn your little munchkin into a fashionista and you'll be surprised.

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