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It's your one-stop app and online portal for you to get all the best amazing travel experience with a click of a finger. Imagine this, you've already settled your flights and accommodation the next thing for you to do is basically pick out your tourist destination. Basically, it's your personal travel itinerary, and Klook basically sought out the best travel activity you can do at your holiday destination. With Klook, you'll not have to worry about not knowing where to go all you have to do is key in your the city you wish you travel to and the rest will be taken care off. Other than that, you can also pick the type of currency you'd want your travel packages to be in.

So how do you use Klook? There are two options, either you download the mobile app, or you log on to the website via and book away. It's that simple! Now, this is an example, let's just say you're interested in traveling to Taipei, just key in your destination and there will be several options that will interest you. Once you're interested, all you to do is select your date and the number of people you're going to book it for. Don't worry about the pricing, Klook will provide you the best offer on your travel activities.

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Now we all know how awesome Klook is with offers and coupon code, so if you're looking for an awesome price. On some offers and occasion, you can save about $2 off on booking with awesome promo codes and offers on tours and activities. Other than, you're guaranteed to book your activities and tours at a lower price with Klook. So travel to Australia, China and more. Enjoy up to 10% off on selected bookings too.

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Now with, you can get all sorts of news on sales and offers with Klook. Besides what's better than applying these offers and coupon codes? It's also the fact that you can get these from one portal and that's through us. Other than that, we have a few tips or two below on how you can save on

Promo code>> Get these voucher codes either from the website or from us here on, during some occasions you can save up to 20% off with selected discount code some travel activities. We'll make sure each and every promotional code will be listed on our site.

Special offers>> With selected offers you can save a lot on some of the recommended places Klook has suggested you visit.

Mobile app>> Enjoy an extra $2 off on your total offer when you book using Klook mobile app. Besides, you'll be getting more offers when you use the mobile app.

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