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The website offers a range of credit cards from CIMB Bank in Singapore. Customers can explore different cards with various benefits and features to find the best fit for their needs.

Grab 10% cash rebate with the CIMB Visa Signature Card

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Apply for CIMB Platinum MasterCard and enjoy 10% off on Cash Rebates

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No annual fee with CIMB Classic MasterCard

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CIMB Credit card

Want to apply for a credit card? Not sure on which credit card would be the best option in terms of cash rebate and membership benefits? Well, look no further check out CIMB's website for a new credit card. If you're good with finances and want to get a good credit rating-- then start off with a credit card. Known as a Malaysian credit card it's one of the best credit cards out there. CIMB has good offers for those who are looking for a good way of getting back what they've spent, then CIMB has some of the ways you can actually save with their ongoing and upcoming promotions. CIMB Singapore is super easy to use, and in terms of applying for a credit card you can just look at the options available online and proceed with applying for the credit card with a click of a finger. It's pretty awesome and straightforward! Just go online and apply for your preferred credit card.

Get onto, and pick the card that suits you the best. You'll be pretty happy with the options. All you have to do is just pick the cards among the CIMB Platinum MasterCard, CIMB Visa Signature**, CIMB World MasterCard** or the CIMB Visa Infinite or the CIMB Classic Mastercard. Once you've applied you can then go ahead and apply for the credit card that you like. Log on to their main website and click to apply. The website also offers information such as the credit card hotline, information on "how to activate your credit card", and location of any of the CIMB branch in Singapore.

Promotion and offers

CIMB credit card has a ton of great offers and promotion. It all depends on the kind of credit card you're using. For example, the CIMB Platinum MasterCard gives you 10% off cash rebate, and if you're an online shopaholic you this is definitely one of the best ways you can actually save while shopping.

Listed below by us here on, we have a ton of information on the kind of credit card you're looking for. At least with this, you'll be able to find before hand the kind of promotion and benefits you get with the credit card you're planning to apply for.

CIMB Platinum MasterCard>> With the CIMB Platinum MasterCard you'll get up to 10% off on Cash Rebate, plus you'll earn more points and cash rebate when you go shopping, or when you shop online.

CIMB Visa Signature>> This is a special credit card that allows you to shop online and also overseas plus you get 10% off worth on cash rebate.

CIMB World MasterCard>> This card enables you to enjoy unlimited 1% cash rebate and discounts on dining!

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