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CurrentBody is an online store offering a selection of beauty and wellness products, including skincare devices, hair removal tools, and fitness accessories. They provide innovative technology and expert advice, making it a convenient destination for Singaporean customers looking to enhance their personal care routines.

CurrentBody promo code Singapore - April 2024

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Skin Light Therapy

Unlock the secret to youthful radiance with CurrentBody Skin's advanced LED light therapy, trusted by beauty aficionados worldwide.

Expertise in Microcurrent Technology

Elevate your beauty routine with CurrentBody's microcurrent devices, designed to sculpt and rejuvenate facial contours effortlessly.

Hair Removal Solutions

Experience smooth, hair-free skin with CurrentBody's cutting-edge IPL and laser devices, tailored for painless and effective hair removal.

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Our LED therapy devices use light waves to penetrate the skin, promoting collagen production and reducing signs of aging for a revitalized look.
Yes, our microcurrent technology gently stimulates facial muscles, firming and lifting the skin to enhance your natural contours.
Absolutely, our IPL and laser hair removal devices are designed with adjustable settings to cater to a wide range of skin types safely and effectively.

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CurrentBody Singapore

CurrentBody offers skincare tools and other beauty cosmetics. The company was founded back in 2009. Their goal is to provide fellow skincare enthusiasts with the best and latest home-use beauty technology. You can find all manner of skincare tools such as facial cleansing brushes, microcurrent facial rollers, and more.

CurrrentBody's story started back in 2009 when Laurence and Andrew were introduced; with Laurence's background in medical devices and Andrew's vast experience in e-commerce. Thus, the conception of a website geared solely towards health technology and wellbeing began with an arsenal of devices you normally see in physiotherapy rooms and the homes of world-class athletes.

CurrentBody Clarisonic

If you are a skincare enthusiast, then you might not be a stranger to the idea of trying out facial cleansing tools and other skincare-centric devices. Out of all skincare devices, Clarisonic is the undisputed icon in the realm of facial cleansing tools and was often the target of affection following its conception by fellow skincare lovers. For over 10 years, Clarisonic has paved the way and revolutionized the game for facial cleansing with their extensive range of Sonic Cleansing Solutions. They are best known for their Clarisonic Mia 2 which comes in two speed settings that promise to combat acne, blackheads, dry skin, and oily patches.

CurrentBody NuFace

NuFace is the iconic brand known for its speciality in microcurrent application in its skincare tools. One known fact, NuFace is actually the first label to be approved by the FDA to be able to apply the aspect of microcurrents. What even is microcurrent treatment, you ask? This type of treatment applies the use of a special tool to transmit gentle electrical pulses to the skin & muscles on your face. What sets NuFace apart from your typical microcurrent and electrical treatments, NuFace products do not cause your muscles to contract!

CurrentBody Tripollar

In the same league and realm as NuFace and their affinity to creating anti-ageing skincare tools, TriPollar is another brand that is specialised in microcurrents and approved by the FDA! One of their signature products, the radiofrequency device TriPollar Apollo, tightens your skin, improves the appearance of cellulite, and enhances your overall body contours.

CurrentBody Promo Codes

Like any other online stores specialising in beauty products, you can be sure to find an ample amount of opportunities to supplement your purchases with discounts in the manner of discount codes. It is certainly possible for you to get ahold of a CurrentBody promo code floating about for a little discount when you are looking to score that NuFace Trinity Facial Toning Device!