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FlowerAdvisor Singapore

Do you ever find yourself in the situation where you need to send a gift to someone halfway across the globe and you need it to reach either by today or tomorrow? If you answer in the affirmative, then FlowerAdvisor is the site for you. Their core business is flower delivery on a global scale but they also offer other gifts and gift baskets for delivery too. This Singapore online florist was conceived due to the absence of a strong Asian brand specialising in the international delivery of flowers and gifts. They haven't looked back since and is now a part of a consortium of international florists that deliver flowers and gift across the globe.

The main appeal of FlowerAdvisor is the convenience that the site provide for those that require same or next day international gift services. With a huge selection of arrangements available worldwide, you never have to worry about sending gifts across the world again. The online store is divided into several categories such as flowers, wines & spirits and hampers. Roses get a separate category on the site due to the wide range of hues that they have available on offer.

Discount Codes and Deals for FlowerAdvisor

Here at, we are always working hard to find those deals that will make your hard-earned dollar stretch just that little bit further for you. So on this page we will bring you the promotion codes, deals and discount coupons that will give you that further reduction that you are looking for. Alongside that, we also have a few pointers on how you are able to save more for FlowerAdvisor.

Membership Discount: Sign up for a membership at FlowerAdvisor. it is free and entitles you to 15% off of your first purchase.

Birthday Discount Code: FlowerAdvisor also provides discounts for those whose birthdays fall under certain zodiac signs. Recently they awarded those with Pisces birthdays with 10% off with no minimum purchase.

The perfect gift for any occasion, always.

Flowers: the strong point of the store, with a mind blowing array of arrangements available for choosing. Ranging from tulips to live orchids in a pot, the beautiful arrangements available will definitely convey the depth of your appreciation to the recipient. Check out their best sellers for the arrangements that are popular with others. There are also hand bouquets available that are perfect for weddings and parties. Flowers are also often used to convey sympathy and condolences. Thus, the site also offers arrangements of funeral flowers for you to convey your deepest sympathy and also to act as a sign of hope for the future.

Roses: Nothing professes your love to someone better than a bouquet of roses. Either as a token of appreciation to a loved one on Valentine's Day or as a gift for celebration, express your feelings via the myriad of hues that they have on offer.

Occasion: Not quite sure what combination of flowers and gifts to send for a particular occasion? The site's got you covered. Just click on the occasions tab and pick the suitable one. Whether you are sending someone something for their birthday or simply as a way to say congratulations during a graduation, you can hardly go wrong with what is on offer.

Wines & Spirits: Although not available for delivery within Singapore, the site does offer delivery of wine and spirits to other countries. Depending on location, choose from a selection ranging from malt whiskeys to cognacs and vodkas.

Gifts: one of the most surefire way to send gifts across different continents, you no longer have to worry about that baby gift you are sending to Vancouver not arriving in time for the baby shower. Sending that romantic gift across the ocean is also no longer an impossibility, choose from a selection of gifts for men or for women and have them delivered to your significant other wherever they may be.

Hampers: Makethe holidays more prosperous through the art of gift giving. Gift baskets or hampers work on the corporate level as well as on the personal level and lends an aura of wealth and joyfulness to the holiday celebrations. A hamper is something that is always best enjoyed in a group, so sending a hamper allows you to spread the cheer all around in the spirit of the holidays.

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