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Freedom cashback is an app designed to block distracting websites and apps across your devices, helping you focus and boost productivity.

Freedom Productivity Boost: Digital Well-being (50% off on annual subscription)

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Freedom Focus Session: App Blocker (starting from $2.50/month)

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Freedom Time Management: Subscription Plan (25% off on first purchase)

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Cross-Platform Synchronization

Freedom offers seamless sync across all devices including Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and Chrome, ensuring a distraction-free environment wherever you go.

Customized Blocking Schedules

With Freedom, users can schedule focused work sessions in advance, with the ability to set recurring daily or weekly blocks tailored to one's personal productivity plan.

Millions of Productive Users

Freedom is trusted by users worldwide to reclaim an average of 2.5 hours a day, making it a choice productivity tool for professionals in top companies and universities.

Boosted Focus

Freedom users experience an improvement in focus with every use, providing a practical solution to manage screen time and enhance productivity.

Block Any Distraction

Freedom gives the power to block any distracting websites and apps, allowing users to personalize their focus environment and work efficiently.


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