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Liforme discount code offers eco-friendly and high-grip yoga mats, known for their alignment markers, to support and enhance your yoga practice.


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Eco-Friendly Innovation

Liforme takes pride in creating yoga mats that are environmentally friendly without sacrificing quality. Their biodegradable mats feature a revolutionary GripForMe material for unrivaled traction.

Alignment System

The unique alignment system that Liforme mats offer is a game-changer for practitioners, ensuring precise positioning which is crucial for safety and progress in yoga practice.

Global Free Shipping

Liforme extends its commitment to customer satisfaction by offering free shipping worldwide*, allowing yoga enthusiasts from Singapore and beyond to enjoy their products without extra costs.

Charitable Contribution

With a noble gesture of giving back, Liforme donates 10% of profits to charitable causes, supporting communities and fostering a spirit of generosity within the yoga world.

Personalised Mats Option

Liforme respects individuality by offering personalized yoga mats, enabling customers to own a mat that truly reflects their personal style and enhances their yoga experience.

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