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MSIG Singapore provides a selection of insurance solutions, including travel, motor, home, and health insurance, to meet the needs of individuals and businesses in Singapore.

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MSIG Insurance

MSIG is a subsidiary insurance company part of the parent company, Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company, Limited and a member of MS&AD Insurance Group. Known for being one of the biggest general insurance groups globally for operating in 42 countries. The parent company in Japan received several strong sterling financial ratings from leading rating agencies. MSIG has a whopping worldwide total nett of $13 billion and assets over $59 billion.

That said, prided by being one of the largest insurers in Singapore with a nationwide network of 20 branches they also have a multi-channel distribution network established with solid partnerships between agents, brokers, motor franchise local and Japanese corporate through partnership programs with financial institutions.

Customers won't have to worry as MSIG has strong financial support along with global expertise and local infused knowledge. Customers are guaranteed and assured of financial stability, best quality innovative insurance products and associated services with devoted commitments for the best service. MSIG develops strong partnerships by building and nurturing relationships.

Travel Insurance

MSIG provides any type of insurance you would not only need but also think of. Their insurance covers everything from flight cancellations, hotel cancellations, changes in plans, accidents, medical-related and also in the unfortunate tragic event of death. MSIG website will provide you with all the information you need when it comes to what they cover and how you should proceed when such events are to happen. MSIG has prepared all support systems to be available round the clock to assist you in proceedings and in many languages so you will be able to do everything smoothly. They also have reverse-charges so you don't need to worry about the call charges as we know how pricey it can be especially if you're calling from a different country. You can also ask helpline operators to call you back.

Healthcare Insurance

There are numerous types of healthcare insurance MSIG offers and if you are currently unaffiliated with one then you should definitely check out their website to see how great and important it is to have one especially from them. MSIG is known to have amazing flexible types of insurances that would perfectly cater to your needs and wants. Have a look at their great plans such as personal, family, accident and more. Their Prime PA insurance package helps you to plan for what's ahead as well as prepare you for the unexpected. They offer extensive protections as well including acts of terrorism and hijacking. Their healthcare international does not limit your planning, It grows with you and your family as they have added maternity benefit.


MSIG is determined to provide you with nothing but the best. They are constantly upholding their end by going through every insurance plan thoroughly to make sure you are covered, secured and comforted through peace of mind knowing that you have their 24-hour support. MSIG covers you for not only what you need but you are also given the option to flexibly plan the protection you want and you will be entitled to some medical tax relief, subjected to their terms and conditions. And if you're lucky, there might even an MSIG promo code in it for you when you sign up for a plan!

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