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Netflix is a popular streaming platform that offers a selection of movies, TV shows, and documentaries. With a subscription, users in Singapore can enjoy unlimited access to a vast library of entertainment content anytime, anywhere.

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Wondering what is Netflix? Well, NetFlix is an application(app) that you can download or login to watch movies from anywhere anytime--along as you're connected to the internet. Netflix is originally from USA, and id you're wondering where is Netflix available. Right now it is accessible in several countries such as UK, Australia, parts of Asia including Singapore. Netflix is also all about watching movies and tv series at ease, without the trouble of subscribing to expensive tv packages from local stations. In short, what's on Netflix US will also be available in all countries. Unless there's an agreement between the tv show and local tv networks, then maybe sometimes those tv shows will not be available. If you're also wondering if Net is available on phone or wondering "Can I watch Netflix on my phone"--the answer is yes.

Wondering on how to download Netflix app? Get it either through app store or playstore. Downloading the Netflix app is free, for the first month. If you're interested ins subscribing these packages all you have to do is log on to, subscribe and login. For the first month you'll practically be enjoying free Netflix. You'll basically have a lot of fun enjoying watching some awesome new releases, and really good tv shows. If you're wondering when did Netflix come out? Well it was founded back in 1997 and is now making waves across several countries.

Free trial

Netflix Singapore has a free trial for only the first month. Basically, it gives you the opportunity to test the app and if you're happy with it, then you can proceed with paying and subscribing for it. This way it makes it easier for anyone and everyone to catch a glimpse of something they really like with Netflix USA in Singapore.


Yes, NetFlix is packed with movies, watch movies from various genre and trust us when we say. You can go through the awesome movie list available on Netflix, packed with the latest and also movies that are classics. You'll definitely find something worth watching on Netflix. Logon to your account and Netflix will personalize your movie selection depending on the last movie you've watched.

TV Shows

Love binge watching on some of your favourite tv shows? Perhaps you'd like to start on binge watching and not sure what show to watch online, let Netflix do the pick for you. Take up the short survey and you'll be pretty happy with what Netflix recommends for you.


Once you subscribe to Netflix you're allowed to have up to 4 devices connected at the same time. You can watch it on our laptop, smart tv, smartphone and more. Check out these option on Netflix Sg today.

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