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Norton provides cybersecurity solutions to protect your devices from online threats. With a range of products and services, Norton helps keep your digital life safe and secure in Singapore.

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Comprehensive protection solutions

Norton 360 offers antivirus, a VPN, password manager, and more in a single plan, covering all your security needs.

Gamers' ultimate shield

Norton 360 for Gamers provides multiple layers of protection, securing game accounts and digital assets while optimizing performance.

Extensive cloud backup

With up to 100GB of cloud storage on the Premium plan, ensure your important files are safe and easily accessible.

Dark web monitoring

Norton 360 Deluxe and Premium plans include dark web monitoring, alerting you if your personal details are found on the dark web.

Award-winning protection

Norton 360 has been recognized with numerous awards for its top-notch security, including the 'Best Protection' by AV-TEST.

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Norton Antivirus Singapore

Norton is created and developed by Symantec Corporation that has been around protecting devices for 29 years and counting providing Anti-virus and Anti-malware solutions for the general mass to go onto their devices safely and protected. Norton's provided with the best solution because not only provide protection for your devices but also filter your emails for spam and phishing whilst keeping your devices safe by using signatures and heuristics. Norton's software is easy to download off their website, a boxed copy or via OEM software. You can get protection from Norton for your Microsoft Windows, Linux and macOS.

Why Norton?

We live in a convenient era where you can find what you need instantly with a few taps on your smartphone or your laptop and we also blindly trust websites we click on without protecting our devices first and that will expose us to cybercrime activity and fall victim to the loss of data, identity theft and more. With Norton, you have protection 24/7 no matter the place whether you are at work, at home or on a trip. Cybercrime is an ongoing battle and they are continuously finding new ways to actively attack your devices to gain your data but with Norton to keep you protected you will receive notifications if they feel the presence of viruses and cyber threats as well as updating their software to always stay ahead of cybercrime and keeping you worry-free. Norton guarantees multi-layered advanced security for all your devices giving you the best safety solutions for when you go online to do your shopping, online banking and more.

Norton Security Singapore

Protect your devices with Norton Security packages. Norton has 3 comprehensive solution plans for you and priced very affordably so be sure to check out their official website to see updates, news, promotions and package details that will suit your need. You will be able to choose from the most basic package which is their Norton Standard, Norton 360 deluxe or Norton Premium. The most basic package will give you coverage for either 1 pc or 1 mac as well as 1 smartphone or 1 tablet where else their premium package will give you coverage for up to 10 pc or macs and multiple smartphones and tablets so be sure to read up on their packages to see which will suit your needs best.

Norton Family

Do you always worry about what your family will be exposed to when you aren't around? Mainly your children as it will affect their emotional and mental growth? Norton Family is the perfect solution for you then and they are offering 6 months of free usage for you to try it out. You won't be able to monitor your children's exposure 24/7 in person as you will be away for work and can't control what they jump on so be sure to get Norton Family so your children can be protected from websites with unsuitable content and viruses that would apply harm to their devices. With Norton Family, you can control your children's screen time and keep a balanced schedule for your family's day to day activities.

Norton Promo Code

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