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Sasa is a popular online beauty retailer in Singapore offering a selection of skincare, makeup, and fragrance products from various brands. Shop for your favorite beauty essentials conveniently from the comfort of your home.

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Sasa Singapore

Sasa Singapore online also known as Sasa is a makeup store and also online beauty store here in Singapore. It's and international brand and originated from Hong Kong (Sasa HK). Sasa is a brand you can purchase beauty products, cosmetics and beauty care all in one spot. Just have to log onto (Singapore), the online store to purchase cosmetics and other sasa products. Sasa in Singapore is pretty popular so if you want to skip the queue at all Sasa outlets, order your items online-- this way you get to save a lot of time.

As for the finding out all Sasa Singapore outlets near you, you can always log on to their website to get further information. On their site you'll also be able to find out opening hours for each outlet and also information about the latest Singapore beauty products.

Voucher codes and promotions

Staying beautiful or getting products to keep your skin healthy shouldn't be expensive. Sasa cosmetics Singapore has great offers and saves you a ton from splurging. We've ( compiled a list of ways to save you from spending too much money on your daily essentials.

Voucher code>> Vouchers codes also known as discount codes, coupon codes are away you can save on Sasa beauty care products . If you're not sure on how to use them don't worry, all you have to is click and purchase your items and there'll be a section for you to key in the coupon code.

Newsletter>. For shopping enthusiast to be in touch with events like Sasa Singapore Sale and information on new Sasa Singapore product releases sign up for their newsletter. Besides current news you'll be the first to know about ongoing sale and promotions that Sasa has to offer.

Promotions>> There is a specific tab for promotion on Sasa. If you want to know the key on saving you can do so with purchasing everything you need from the promotion tab.

Membership Privilege>> Sign up for the membership and get membership privileges such as further discounts and promotions on Sasa.


Known to be one of the best beauty shop in Singapore there are so many products for anyone and everyone to choose from. As example you can purchase the famous EOS lip balm and cosmetics from brands such as Chosungah, GOSH and etc. You can also find further information for each and every product, so get it all online.

Besides cosmetics you can also find other awesome products such as skin care products, shampoo, body wash and etc. if you've not heard of the brand you can get further information online.

Other services

Locate an outlet or call up customer service via their website if you need further information. Other than that you can always like them on Facebook for the latest news and updates on brands, sales and feedback. You will not be let down by Sasa Singapore. Locate your nearest store or shop online today with Sasa.