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ClassPass is a fitness membership that allows users in Singapore to access a variety of workout classes and gyms, offering flexibility and convenience in their fitness routine.

ClassPass promo code Singapore - July 2024

Save up to 70% on Studio drop-in rates!

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Start your Free Trial on ClassPass now and try out some of Singapore's best fitness studios and more

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Start your Free Trial on ClassPass now and try out some of Singapore's best fitness studios and more

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Global gym access

ClassPass provides access to thousands of top-rated gyms and fitness studios around the world. Work out wherever you are without limits.

Wide variety

From yoga to kickboxing and spinning, ClassPass offers diverse class options. Choose from fitness, wellness, and beauty services all in one app.

14 days free

New members can enjoy 14 days of free access to select gyms and studios. Test out the service with no commitment.

Easy booking

Effortlessly browse and book classes or appointments through the user-friendly app. Save time and stay organized with seamless scheduling.

Corporate memberships

Companies can offer employees access to a healthier lifestyle with corporate memberships. Enhance employee wellness with diverse fitness options.

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80% ClassPass promo: Up to 80% off on ClassPass fitness classes Get fit and save big discount already deducted
80% ClassPass promo: Up to 80% off on ClassPass fitness classes Get fit and save big discount already deducted

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At ClassPass you can use the following payment options: Visa, MasterCard

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ClassPass Singapore

ClassPass is a community and platform dedicated to making workouts feel less stressful. The ClassPass founder, Payal Kadakia, knew that working out shouldn't have to be hard, so she came up with a great idea to make life easier for gym buffs, yoga enthusiasts and everyone else by creating the ClassPass app. Gone are the days where you pay for one gym membership that you are probably not going to make full use of. With a vision statement of "Every life, fully lived", the platform was built to give users the flexibility of changing their fitness routines and the option to try new exercises without paying excessively for one-time tryouts.

The app is available worldwide in over 350 cities, from the East Coast all the way to the Southwest. So, wherever you are in the world, you will be able to use the app and book a workout session while traveling! No excuses.

If you have a hard time committing to gym memberships and feel restless working out in the same gym for months and months on, the wide variety of fitness classes they have to offer will definitely satisfy you. From various martial arts like kickboxing, Muay Thai, Mauy Boran, to spin classes, Zumba classes, yoga, and many more activities for you to try, you will never run out of options. The classes offered on the app focuses more on studio fitness, pinning importance on small group classes, as it is known to be specialized and more effective when working out in smaller groups - giving you an intense workout.

ClassPass Promo and offers

Whether it's good aerobics classes in Singapore or a new training regimen that you are looking for, download the ClassPass app to enjoy effective workouts, with highly trained, qualified and expert instructors in spaces built just to inspire you and make your workout feel easy and breezy. You can look forward to an exciting and fun workout, and they are personalized to suit your capabilities, so there's nothing to be worried about! Well, if you are looking for ClassPass promo code Singapore, you're in the right place!

Free Trial >> There are over 244,400+ classes available, so if you're curious as to how a full membership would be, sign up on the app and enjoy a ClassPass free trial! You are automatically entitled to join up to 9 classes and will receive 45 credits. As a ClassPass member, you will be able to visit over hundreds of studios to try their activities, stream workouts when you're too busy for a class, create your own 'ClassPass schedule', and work out in any of the cities listed on the site! There are so many more benefits, so try it out for 1 week on the house!

Classes available >> Been thinking of joining that interesting spin class? Or have you been wanting to visit the Upside Motion gym to join their Barre classes? What are you waiting for? Start your free trial now. Now, you can even invite your friends to join your classes with just a link! You don't have to attend classes alone.

Promotions >> Promotions on monthly membership packages start from as low as just $19. With their monthly memberships, you get to save up to 70% on drop-in rates! So, as a member, you are essentially saving way more by paying for a ClassPass membership, rather than a membership at one gym or paying by each class.

Referral Scheme >> Refer a friend on the app to get $40 credited right to your account, and your referred friend will also be rewarded with a $40 discount on their first monthly subscription payment! So stop attending these classes alone and bring your group of friends to the community to start enjoying your workouts with the perfect company.

ClassPass Lite >> What is ClassPass Lite, you may ask? If you are suffering from a sports injury, or traveling to a country without any ClassPass studios, then it is a great option. This way, you won't have to cancel your membership and worry about paying the ClassPass cancellation fee, you can just put it hold to enjoy your break. If you have unused ClassPass credits, 10 credits will automatically be rolled over into your following cycle.

If you are keen on trying out ClassPass for yourself, looking to buy a gift card for a friend, or perhaps looking for a deal or discount on your membership subscription, you're in the right place. Drop by their page often for promotions and you may catch a ClassPass promo code for you to save on your next cycle.

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