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Discover and book unique travel experiences in Singapore with KKday. From city tours to food adventures, KKday offers a wide range of activities to make your trip unforgettable.

KKday coupon Singapore - May 2024

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KKday Singapore

KKday is an online booking portal that offers travel deals for destination tours and experiences. Founded in 2014, the service connects users to over 10,000 bookable tours and packages in 80 cities around the world. The unique local tours are curated by KKDay's team of travel specialists and include sightseeing tours, historical and heritage tours, nightlife tours and outdoor tours.

The site is very user friendly and allows you to search for specific tours, such as a Taipei Pub Crawl, or browse through curated collections, such as the Outdoor Tour collection. To check out what's on offer, head on over to KKday and type in an activity or destination in the search box. KKday will generate a list of all the tours available which you can browse and book immediately. Tokyo, Seoul, Melbourne, Taiwan and Bangkok are all popular destinations on KKday Singapore.

KKday Promo code and offers

While travel is good for the body and soul, tour packages can be quite pricey. Luckily, KKday Singapore offers affordable packages. Compared to other tour companies, you'll save up to 50% when you book tour packages with KKday, and some tours start at just $3 in some parts of Asia! At, we make sure you get the best deals with special offers and discount codes from Singapore. Make sure you sign up for the Saleduck Singapore newsletter before you book your tour to get all the offers and increase your savings with Kkday!

Worldwide Packages

KKday has over 10,000 bookable tours all around the world. No matter whether you're planning to travel near or far, check out the list below for tours and experiences you wouldn't want to miss.

Europe: Dine in style in Paris, the City of Love, or book a trip to catch the Northern Lights over Norway or Iceland.

North America: Book a boat tour around New York City or a performance of 'Chicago' on Broadway. If you're further up north, opt for a 1 day trip from Toronto to the Niagara Falls.

Australia and New Zealand: Visit Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, or take a tour of the Hobbiton movie set!

Value Added Services

On top of fantastic, unique tours and experiences, KKday also offers additional services to help you build the best holiday trip. Book instantly when you're on the go via the KKday mobile app, and enjoy additional services such as:

Ground Transportation: Don't worry about airport transfers, book your transportation with KKday for a smooth and worry-free trip.

Vehicle Rentals: If you'd like to take off on the open road, rent a vehicle through KKday and go exploring.

SIM Cards: No matter where you are, make sure you're always connected with data and calls by booking through KKday.

KKday Promo Code First Time User and other Promotions

If you are new to KKday, other than the offers for their existing customers, you also can enjoy their special promo codes for KKday first time user and many more promotions that you don't want to miss! So, check out KKday to find the best price on the admission tickets and more.

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