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Discover a selection of Lenovo products available in Singapore, including laptops, desktops, tablets, and accessories. Explore the latest technology and innovations from Lenovo for all your computing needs.

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Lenovo Warranty Check

Lenovo offers warranty support for its products, including laptops and other devices. Here's how you can check the warranty status for your Lenovo product: Visit Lenovo's official website: Go to Lenovo's website and find the "Support" section. Enter your Product Serial Number (PSN): You can usually find the PSN on the bottom of your laptop or in the System Information on your device. Check Warranty Status: Enter the PSN in the warranty checker tool and you'll be able to see the warranty status, start and end date, and the type of warranty coverage for your device. It's important to regularly check your warranty status to ensure that your device is covered and to take advantage of Lenovo's support services if necessary.

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Lenovo Singapore

It's impossible to not have heard about Lenovo's creations. Their story began with a small team of 11 engineers in China, and they now reign with a diverse group of innovative engineers who work hard to reimagine technology to solve global challenges and make the world a better place for everyone. Lenovo Singapore works hard to establish all of technology's viability in today's world with Augmented Intelligence. Lenovo works with innovators and engineers from over 160 countries across the world to create interactive technology to help enhance and elevate human potential overall. From their Motorola handphones to computers, laptops, and monitors, whatever technology it is you need, whether it's for gaming purposes or office & business purposes, Lenovo has it.

Lenovo Laptop

Lenovo is known for its high-quality laptops minus the high price tags. From Lenovo IdeaPad to Lenovo X1 Carbon and the hyped Lenovo Legion, each Lenovo laptop promises outstanding performance that is specially designed for your everyday needs. With their variety of laptops, PCs, and desktops, everyone can get a functional laptop or PC that can be suited to their very own needs. There are performance laptops made for professionals, gamers, and creators who need a tough, reliable, and high-performing laptop that will keep them productive and are easy to use, without compromising any of its features.

Lenovo designed their famous portable and convertible laptops made for those who are always on their feet, and those who create art and need the freedom that their convertible laptops provide. For the layman, there are laptops that are even made for general use! They are budget-friendly and do not compromise any feature, and they give you value and performance all at the same time.

Lenovo ThinkPad

The ThinkPad series features a variety of laptops that fits various purposes for all types of people. One notable feature that remains as a common denominator between all the laptops' in this series is their reliability. The ThinkPad series has a line of laptops that can serve a business owner, a gamer, or even just a regular laptop user. The ThinkPad X1 Carbon is one of Lenovo's best laptops! The X1 Carbon is named the "Maserati of Business laptops", for its high performance, long battery life, and slim (and light) carbon-fiber exterior. It has an 8th Gen quad-core processor and two screen options; an HDR screen (non-touch) or a touch panel, for designing use.

Lenovo Legion 5

Lenovo Legion 5 is a gaming laptop designed and produced by Lenovo. It offers the following features:

  1. Performance: It is equipped with powerful hardware, including up to 11th Gen Intel Core H-series processors and NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics.

  2. Display: Legion 5 has a large Full HD display with a fast refresh rate, allowing for smooth and responsive gameplay.

  3. Keyboard: It has a comfortable and customizable keyboard with white backlighting and dedicated media controls.

  4. Cooling: It features advanced cooling systems to prevent overheating during intense gaming sessions.

  5. Audio: It has high-quality audio and immersive sound for an enhanced gaming experience.

  6. Battery Life: The laptop offers decent battery life for a gaming laptop.

  7. Build Quality: Legion 5 has a solid build with a sleek and stylish design.

In conclusion, the Lenovo Legion 5 is a well-rounded gaming laptop that offers good performance, a large display, a comfortable keyboard, advanced cooling, and good audio quality.

Lenovo Ideapad

The Lenovo IdeaPad is a series of consumer-oriented laptop computers designed and produced by Lenovo. The IdeaPad laptops are designed for everyday use, with a focus on affordability, reliability, and ease of use.

The IdeaPad laptops come in a variety of screen sizes and configurations, ranging from budget models with basic features to high-end models with more powerful hardware and advanced features. Some popular models in the IdeaPad series include the IdeaPad 120s, IdeaPad 320, and the IdeaPad 720s.

Features common to many IdeaPad laptops include Intel or AMD processors, integrated graphics, LED displays, keyboard with a built-in touchpad, and built-in speakers and a microphone. Some models may also offer additional features such as backlit keyboards, fingerprint readers, and dedicated graphics cards.

In conclusion, the Lenovo IdeaPad is a series of laptops designed for everyday use, offering a balance of affordability, performance, and reliability.

Lenovo Yoga

If you're looking for a laptop that combines adaptability and innovation, the Yoga series is the one for you. These laptops are 2-in-1 laptops that are high-performance, ultra-thin, and highly flexible for users who need them for design purposes. Not only that, but they are also tablets that work as projectors! It has pen support and the 'Halo Keyboard' made especially for artists and designers.

Lenovo X1 Carbon

The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon is a high-end business laptop designed and produced by Lenovo. It is part of the ThinkPad series of laptops and is aimed at professionals who require a portable, powerful and reliable device for work.

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