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Vivifi promo code

Vivifi offers digital payment solutions and services in Singapore, allowing customers to enjoy convenient and secure transactions through their mobile devices.

Vivifi promo Singapore - July 2024

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How To Use A Vivifi Coupon Code

·  Utilize your device's browser and search for the Vivifi Malaysia official website.

·  This action leads you to the service page for more details. Click 'BACK' to see more services and compare. Once satisfied, specify the service details and click 'ADD TO BAG.' A pop-up window follows with the recently added service details.

·  Click 'VIEW BAG' to affirm the service in the cart. Or click 'CHECKOUT' to start the checkout procedure. Alternatively, click the 'X' sign on the page's top right corner to close the window and keep shopping. Once you are done, start the checkout by clicking the small cart icon on the page's top right.

·  This takes you to another page to fill in your accurate shipping and contact information and click 'REVIEW TO PAY.' Here, you can use your Vivifi, Facebook, Google, or Yahoo account.

·  The Vivifi promo code applies to the order summary section. This is particularly on the textbox labeled 'ENTER YOUR PROMO CODE' and click 'APPLY.' The price of the chosen service(s) will be delivered.

·  Make payments with the available methods and wait for a successful order to be affirmed through email.

·  Take your data, SMS, and Talktime game to a whole new level with Vivifi!


Vivifi Promo Code

The brand has seasonal and monthly promotional offers that no one can afford to miss. Start your journey with the best network Singapore has seen. A sign-up offers time-limited offers with no charges for your SIM and registration. On the other hand, loyal customers can enjoy different perks, such as incoming calls and SMS for free. At the same time, take your data, Talktime, and SMS usage to another level with various add-on boosters for your plan. Keep up with promo codes online and on their website to spend less!

Customized Plans

Dance to the clicks of your needs with various data, Talktime, and SMS plans. Additionally, you have the freedom of selecting the one-time or monthly offerings. Save more with the latter, with the choice to activate and cancel the plan as you wish.

Shareability and No-Contract Plans

Vivifi stands out as the one and only MNVO that allows families to share from one plan, with up to 9 devices and eight SIMs. These plans are also SIM-only and contract-free so that you can cancel without worrying about locked-in times.

Sim Card Self Collection or Delivery?

Wondering how your Vivifi SIM collection works? Collect your SIM card from various self-collection points with no additional charges. Get on their website to find the link for the timing and collection. There are over ten stations and two timeslots per day, thrice a week. Another option is having the Vivifi Binge SIM delivered to the comfort of your home. Simply select your preferred delivery date, but a nominal fee applies. The brand's customer service is also highly responsive to answer your questions and put your doubts to rest.

Got You Covered To The Tropics

Roam around without limitations of connecting in the unknown land. Utilize various plans for the Vivifi Go and enjoy a reliable network at every step and soar!

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S$19 Subscribe to 60GB 5G plan for S$19 only per month using this Vivifi voucher code PROMO30GB
S$11.50 Get 50GB 4G plan for S$11.50 only using this Vivifi promo code PROMO30GB
S$41 Use 340GB CIS Share plan for S$41 per month using this Vivifi discount code CIS340
S$22.50 Subscribe to CIS 50-5G 230GB plan now for S$22.50 per month using this Vivifi coupon code MORE50GB
S$18 Activate CIS 50 220GB plan now for S$18 per month using this Vivifi discount code More50GB

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Vivifi is an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) in Singapore and operates under the telco provider M1 Limited.
To pay your Vivifi bill, you can easily do so through their online portal. Log in to your Vivifi account, navigate to the billing or payment section, select your preferred payment method, and complete the payment process by providing the necessary details. If you encounter any issues or have specific payment inquiries, you can reach out to Vivifi's customer service for assistance.
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Vivifi Singapore is a mobile carrier that provides telecommunications services, such as voice and data services, to its customers. They offer a range of plans and services, such as postpaid plans, prepaid SIM cards, and international roaming services. They aim to offer affordable and convenient services to their customers.

Vivifi Family Mobile Plan

If you have a family, the bills can easily pile up. The good news is you and your family can still get your dose of entertainment without burning your pockets. Vivifi offers reasonable pricing on a monthly basis. This allows for the flexibility of sharing the data with your loved ones as a cost-saving strategy.

Vivifi Service

Nothing beats customized services, especially when it involves your connectivity needs. The brand pays attention to the needs of every user to be of great value and ensure customer satisfaction. Most plans are designated additional Vivifi boosters to fill the gap of inadequate packages and meet your usage.

Vivifi Review

Reinventing the telecommunication wheels, Vivifi Singapore has proven to be a cut above its competitors. This is with the contract-free shareable mobile plan adaptable to whole family needs. The Vivifi plan gives room for choosing from a variety to save, save, and save! These include:

Vivifi Share Plan

Wish to add more SIMs for your family or devices? No worries! Use the shareable plan to save while going the extra mile with up to eight SIMs or nine devices. With only $40 a month, get 180GB, 1000mins, and 100SMS for more Talktime, data, and texts with your favorite people and colleagues. You may have to top up $2 per month for an additional SIM. And if you run short of your data or minutes entitlement, all you have to do is purchase the boosters. And in any case, the brand provides tiered rates depending on your monthly usage. That means you can continue browsing and talking unlimitedly with cost-effective mins and data.

Vivifi Lite Plan

Save yourself from expensive data subscriptions while staying connected with the Lite plan. Earn 500mins, 3GB, and 20SMS at a pocket-friendly $8.80 monthly pricing. This is valid for 30 days from the purchase date. Top up for extra usage if and when needed. The monthly mobile plan lets you save more, with monthly billing to your mobile.

Vivifi Plus Plan

Don't allow place or time to come in the way of your connection! Connect with friends, family, and colleagues with the plan of $9 monthly for 9GB, 350mins, and 200SMS. Top up when needed or opt for the monthly subscription for better savings.

Vivifi Binge Plan

If surfing online describes a better part of your day, this plan was made just for you. Choose from the two bundles, 50GB at $18 per month or 70GB at $25 per month. With the first option, you can enjoy 50GB, 300mins, and 300sms for the first twelve months and 20GB, 300sms, and 300sms afterward. You can also boost one time or choose the monthly subscription to spend less.

Travel With Vivifi Go!

Keep your connections popping with the ideal partner for your travels. The brand provides services in the most commonly visited destinations across the globe. Buy a data roaming package for each traveler's needs for a family voyage. The borderless Vivifi includes various offerings, like the Vivifi Go Data Roam and Vivifi Go Talktime and SMS, and most importantly, the roaming checklist and troubleshooting on their website.

Connect Abroad

Have a longing for your friends or family abroad? There is a high chance they do too! Turn your misses into hello with the best international connection, incorporating clear, fast, and reliable calls via IDD. There are two packages: IDD 001(Crystal Clear) and IDD 019, for the best value. Also, SMS with a global flat rate of $0.30 for every SMS.

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