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No Contract when you get the new Apple iPhone 14 from Circles.Life

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3-Months Unlimited Data + S$38 off registration fee waiver with this Circles.Life promo code

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Enjoy 50GB data for only S$10 a month with this Circles.Life discount code

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Enjoy 50GB data for S$15 a month with this Circles.Life promo code

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Free 3-Months + S$12 off bill waiver + Bonus 100GB data with this Circles.Life discount code

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Circles.Life Promo Code: 100GB data and 300 mins talktime for S$18 monthly

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REGISTRATION FEE WAIVER when you use this Circles.Life promo code

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Circles.Life Limited Time Promo: 50GB data for only S$10 Monthly with this Data Only Plan

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Circles.Life Jetpac Limited Offer: 25GB of global roaming data for $25

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Circles.Life 5 Dollar Plan for exactly S$5

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Roam the world with Circles.Life roaming data plan starting as low as S$5 only

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Upgrade your data plan now while keeping your existing number for only S$18 monthly with 20GB with Circles.Life

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Switch over to Circles.Life and enjoy a monthly bill of S$28 on the 20GB data plan

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Enjoy unlimited data with rollover with Circles.Life from only S$38 a month

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Get 100GB for S$25 a month on this Circles.Life 5G Starter Plan

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Free Bonus Data

Never run out of data when you sign up with Singapore's most versatile internet plan. Sign up with any customisable package to get additional data for no extra charges.

Circles.Life Sim Only Standard Trial Plan: 130GB for S$25 monthly

Promotion: 130GB for S$25 a month
MOV: None
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Circles.Life Family Plan: 300GB for up to 6 accounts under one plan

Promotion: 300GB
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Applicable to: Circles.Life Family Plan only
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20GB for S$20 with this Circles.Life JetPac plan

Promotion: 20GB for S$20
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Applicable to: JetPac plan
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Purchase a plan before 11 Oct to get FREE 3-month Unlimited Data with this Circles.Life promo code

Promotion: FREE 3-month Unlimited Data
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Applicable to: Purchases before 11 October 2022
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Get savings of up to 70% off on your plan with this 10.10 Circles.Life promo code

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Yes, there are currently 15 active deals online. Click on the link to see the latest active Circles.Life promo codes or promotions.
Most of the Circles.Life promo codes have an expiration date. Some might run for a couple of days whereas others run for a month. They often have a limited number of vouchers available. Check out the latest Circles.Life promo codes here.
Circles.Life's operating hours are Mon-Fri: 9.00 a.m to 10.00 p.m
You can contact Circles.Life's customer service in the following ways Email:
At Circles.Life, you can use the following payment options: Visa, MasterCard.


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Circles Life Singapore

A no-contract mobile network in Singapore, Circles.Life is a telco that lets you choose the services you need to build a custom network plan. It's built on a system used by independent network operators called MVNO - Mobile Virtual Network Operator, and offers competitive prices. Basic plans with Circles.Life begins at $28 a month and can be customised to fit any usage style. Circles.Life also offers free enhancements, island-wide coverage, and free porting from other networks so you don't have to give up your number to enjoy the benefits of Circles.Life mobile plan.

Circles Life Plan

Circles.Life plans are known for their unlimited data, broad coverage, and affordability, making them a top choice for those looking for a reliable and cost-effective mobile service. The Circles Life Plan provides its customers with unbeatable value, giving them access to the best mobile plans in Singapore. Whether you need unlimited data, more talk time, or extra data, Circles Life has a plan that will work for you. Start enjoying the benefits of Circles Life today and get the best value for your mobile plan.

Circles Life Sim Only

No Contract plan: You'll never be tied to a contract with Circles.Life. Try the 1 GB Flexi plan for free - It's free forever, with no strings attached. If you need more features, upgrade with add-ons, or, consider the Base plan at $28, which is also contract-free.

Golden Circles: For just $60 / year, join the Golden Circles and add $350 worth of perks to your Base plan for fantastic savings on your monthly mobile bill. These perks include additional data, talk time and SMS, $10 roaming credits and $50 Circles.Life discount on any device!

Circles.Life App: As soon as you sign up, download the Circles.Life App. This is the command centre for your mobile plan, where you can customise your plan, check on real-time data usage, solve any problems with the help of the customer happiness team and earn Bonus Data!

Unlimited Bonus Data: Love getting free data? Well, go ahead and check out the unlimited bonus plan which gets you over 50GB for free on Circles.Life.

Devices: From $65, you can get a new phone with your Circles.Life plan. Simply sign up and look through the catalogue for your favourite Apple or Android phone to bundle with your choice of mobile plan.

Promo codes: Look out for the Circles.Life promo codes and discount codes to enjoy goodies such as 1GB of free internet! Sign up for the Saleduck Singapore newsletter to get these codes delivered to your inbox so you never miss out on a great deal.

Circles Life referral code: Once you receive your Circles Life SIM Card, you can download and activate the Circles. Life app. You can find and edit your referral code under Home > Games > Your Referral Code.

Circles Life Unlimited Data

Circles.Life Unlimited Data Plan promises unlimited data usage for its subscribers without any restrictions or hidden fees. It aims to provide customers with the flexibility and convenience of having unlimited data access at a reasonable price. With this plan, users can stream, browse, and use data-intensive apps without worrying about running out of data or facing overage charges.

Circles Life Broadband Circles.Life Broadband "Circles Life Broadband provides customers with fast and reliable internet speeds, allowing them to stream, browse, and play online without interruptions. The broadband plans come with flexible data options, making it easy for customers to choose the right plan to fit their needs. With no hidden fees, customers can enjoy a worry-free, high-quality internet experience at an affordable price.

Circles Life 5G

Circles.Life is a mobile carrier that offers 5G services in Singapore, providing fast internet speeds and improved connectivity. Their 5G plan offers access to the latest 5G technology, enabling customers to experience a faster and more reliable network connection. Customers can enjoy high-speed data, seamless streaming and gaming, and improved overall network coverage. Choose Circles.Life for your 5G needs and take advantage of their innovative technology.

Circles Life Family Plan

The Circles.Life Family Plan was designed and aimed at families and multi-device owners to help them save more while enjoying numerous benefits. With the Family Plan, you can handle up to five sub-accounts with different numbers using only one main account holder. As a plus, this plan is consolidated under one bill.

Circles Life 5 Dollar Plan

Circles.Life offers an affordable S$5 Dollar Plan which makes it a perfect choice for budget-conscious individuals. The plan also offers customizable add-ons for customers to tailor their mobile experience. With the Circles Life 5 Dollar Plan, customers can enjoy flexible and budget-friendly mobile services.

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