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Discover a wide range of innovative and high-quality consumer electronics, appliances, and healthcare products on Philips Singapore's official website.

Philips Sale Singapore - May 2024

Philips airfryer at up to 15% off

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Shop for Philips rice cookers starting from S$120

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Philips kettles available now at prices starting from S$55

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Invest in a quality men's face shavers at up to 50% off

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Up to 30% off on Philips electric toothbrushes

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Innovation for Longevity

Philips designs its products with sustainability in mind, ensuring quality that lasts and can be recycled, for a greener tomorrow.

Personal Care Excellence

Philips offers cutting-edge personal care appliances, like the LatteGo and Sonicare, enhancing daily rituals with precision and care.

Home Hygiene Solutions

Revolutionize your home cleaning with Philips' vacuum and mop solutions, providing the most complete hygienic cleaning experience.

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Philips' personal care products, like the Electric Shaver and Sonicare, are designed for optimal performance and comfort.
Philips is committed to sustainability, focusing on creating long-lasting products that can be loved and then recycled.
As the world's No.1 Airfryer brand, Philips Air Fryer guarantees tasty and nutritious meals with convenience and ease.

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Philips Singapore

Choose Philips Singapore for a diverse range of innovative products, from personal and mother & child care to advanced lighting solutions. Philips brings technology and comfort to your doorstep, ensuring quality, sustainability, and performance.

Philips Air Fryer

for the Philips Air Fryer for quick, healthy, and delicious meals. It's the leading choice for those who want to enjoy their favorite foods with less fat, showcasing Philips' commitment to innovation and health.

Philips Rice Cooker

The Philips Rice Cooker combines convenience with performance, offering perfectly cooked rice at the touch of a button. Its intuitive design and advanced cooking capabilities make it a kitchen essential.

Philips Hue

Philips Hue transforms your space with high-quality, smart lighting solutions that offer millions of colors and shades of white light. Control your lights from anywhere, ensuring convenience, efficiency, and the perfect ambiance.

Philips Vacuum Cleaner

Philips Vacuum Cleaners are designed for power and efficiency, providing thorough cleaning solutions for your home. They offer the most complete hygienic cleaning experience, making home maintenance easier and more effective.

Philips Steam Iron

The Philips Steam Iron ensures your clothes look their best, combining powerful steam and precision into one efficient tool. It's designed for ease of use and exceptional results, making ironing less of a chore and more of a satisfaction.

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